Data Files - Summary

Summary of the data files
Name Reference Keywords Status of Research Summary Variables in the Data file(s) SPSS Syntax (Optional) Attached file(s)
Susceptibility to Persuasion 2 (StP-2) Persuasion, Social Psychology, Scale, StP-2, Influence, Public data file Research Contribution Submitted

The two SPSS encoded data files used in the PlosOne article on Susceptibility to Persuasion.

Variables are described in the respective data-files.

Not yet available.

Binary Data StP-II.Study1_.sav, Binary Data StP-II.Study2_.sav
Deconstructing Prospect Theory Article under preparation Risk preferences, Decision making, Psychology, Economics, Prospect Theory, multidisciplinary research Active Analysis

Coming soon.

All data correctly labelled and commented. n = 388. Responses to: modified Prospect Theory gambles (Kahneman & Tversky, 1979), modified Holt-Laury (Holt & Laury, 2002) scale, SIRI Scale (Zaleskiewicz, 2001) and partial DOSPERT-R (Blais & Weber, 2006). Derived variables: HLCut This is an unpondered score. It does not care about direction (from A to B; or B to A). It gives scores from 0.5 (All 10 items B) to 10.5 (all 10 items A) There are three conditions here: - Monotonic (All A or all B). Straight-forward translation into scores from 0.5 to 10.5.
do if $casenum=1.
compute #s_$_1=140.
compute #s_$_2=443.
end if.
Binary Data Cleaned and sorted data file used in the paper. 2015-07-06 (SPSS Format)